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3820 Superior Ave, Suite 110

Cleveland, OH 44114  

TL: 216-432-9999


Sunday only   11:00PM-5:00PM


4756 Fairway Dr

Brooklyn, OH 44144  

Cell: 216-894-5999

Thu Tu, Thu Nam, Thu Sau, va Thu Bay 

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 We have two locations to serve our clients

Notary and Translation

1. Notarize all attachments in accordance with OH law.

Income Tax, Accounting and Payroll

1.  Accounting, payroll and Misc 1099

2.  Tax Service                                                                       
-Individual and Sole Proprietorship 1040                                              

-Partnerships or LLC 1065                                              

-S Corporation 1120S

Busniess and Investment

1. Establish a company, Asset purchase agreement.
2. Get business licenses from federal, state and city.

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